Experience The Convenience Of Motorized Shades

Experience The Convenience Of Motorized Shades

Experience The Convenience Of Motorized Shades

Controlling the light in a room adds so much to the ambiance, not to mention usefulness, of the space.  Light control is crucial to utilizing rooms in both the home as well as the office, and an easy way to change the lighting in a room is to install window shades or blinds.  However, if the windows are large and located on the south side of the building, you will find that you will spend a great deal of time opening and closing the window blinds, which may be difficult on especially ample windows.  Instead, many people are choosing motorized blinds.  Motorized shades protect your rooms from heat transfer as well as exposure to harmful sun’s rays, and motorized window blinds can help in protecting your privacy.  

Heat transfer is a big reason why homeowners and businesses choose to use motorized shades.  A motorized curtain can be programmed to open or close according to the movement of the sun across the sky.  These motorized window shades will help to save on your energy bills, because if you can prevent a room from heating up in the first place in the hot summer months by using motorized blinds, then you will not have to pay to air condition the room to bring it back down to a comfortable temperature.  Motorized blinds are also extremely helpful when placed in high clerestory style windows, windows that are located too high up to be able to access them easily.  In this instance, a motorized curtain can make all the difference between comfort and discomfort due to temperature fluctuations in the room.  The motorized shades can also be set to function in the opposite way in the cold winter months, allowing the sunlight into a room to heat it up, and thereby save on heating costs.  

It is also a good idea to consider the sunlight’s effect on people and items inside a room.  When the sun comes through glass, the rays are not filtered, and therefore harmful ultraviolet rays can still wash over your skin if you happen to be seated near a window.  Delicate artwork surfaces can also be marred over time when exposed to ultraviolet rays as well.  In these cases, motorized blinds can make all the difference in the world in preserving your healthy skin as well as your distinctive artwork.  

Just as we put windshield shades in our cars to protect our privacy concerning what is inside the car, so too can motorized shades be used to cover a window at street level, thereby taking away temptation from passersby for theft.  You can also program a motorized curtain to be open when you arrive home, but then close after your arrival, so that you can safely make sure no one has entered the home.

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